Running & Podiatry

Running can often lead to foot and lower limb injuries due to the increased stress placed on these structures. Podiatrists are experienced in the assessment, treatment and management of any foot related injuries or conditions that occur as a result of running, and also some lower limb injuries such as shin splints or knee pain that can stem from poor foot and ankle function.

Runners are much more likely to develop an overuse injury than any other athletes. The high load placed through the body at each foot strike places enormous demands on the joints, muscles and tendons, ligaments and other soft tissue structures. There are such a large number of factors that can contribute to running injuries including training volume, running surfaces, shoewear, biomechanics, injury history, genetics and so on. It’s no wonder 50% of runners will develop an injury every year. With a dramatic increase in people pulling on a pair of running shoes and pounding the pavement, it is crucial we equip them with the appropriate information and analysis to prevent them breaking down with injury.

Many of TFAAC’s Podiatrists are competitive runners with experience in gait re-training and developing customised exercise programs for runners. We will examine you running using our COACH’S EYE VIDEO GAIT ANAYLSIS system and software and discuss ways to help you run better, recover from and prevent injuries. This may involve changes your shoes, running drills and strengthening routines. You will then be assessed regularly to monitor improvements and changes to your running technique.

It is important to be wearing supportive footwear and replacing footwear regularly. Our podiatrists can assist with footwear assessments and recommendations.

Podiatrists can also assist in treatment and management of any skin or nail problems that may be a result of running.

Top 5 running injuries:

  1. Plantar Fasciitis
  2. Achilles Tendonitis
  3. Morton’s Neuroma
  4. Stress Fracture
  5. Shin Splints

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