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CrossFit is the ultimate combination of functional movements, weightlifting, endurance, speed and agility. Originating in 2000 by Greg Glassman, CrossFit has become a worldwide sensation with its own CrossFit games bringing together athletes to determine the Fittest on Earth.

Other than Handstand push-ups and walks, almost every movement in CrossFit requires the use of the feet and legs. The feet are the strong, stabilizing forces during heavy lifting and the springs for burpees and running. The multi-functionality of the feet in CrossFit means they have a higher load placed in them through the course of a WOD. Not surprisingly, the feet are often not warmed up properly and are not strengthened as other muscle groups would be.

The classic Burgener Warm up helps warm up all major joints of the body that are required for heavy lifting EXCEPT the feet. At most CrossFit affiliates, the warm up is performed with shoes on most coaches do not cue their clients to engage their feet. However, coaches are not podiatrists and the structures of the foot are complex and can vary in alignment from person to person.

Warming up the feet prior to engaging in activity is paramount to ensure all 28 bones of the foot, and over 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons are ready for action and prevent injuries from occurring.

Here’s a simple warm up you can do prior to putting your shoes on:

CrossFit Foot Warm-up

  1. Lacrosse Ball foot roll – 30 seconds each foot
  2. Banded Foot Flex + Pointe – 20 reps each foot
  3. Single-unders bare foot – 1 minute

You’ll feel more stabilized on your lifts and lighter on your runs, helping to shave time off your Fran and adding kgs to your deadlift!

If you require more specialized foot injury management for CrossFit, book an appointment with The Foot & Ankle Clinic’s CrossFit Podiatrist Dr. Lucy Gillivour today!

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