Sports Podiatry

Established since 1994 and combining over 50 years Podiatry experience, The Foot and Ankle Clinic have the professional skills and resources to examine and treat most conditions affecting the foot, ankle and lower limb, especially in the field of sports podiatry.
Using the latest treatment modalities and equipment we can demonstrate how poor foot and lower posture can impacting the knee, hip and back posture and cause potential problems.
As an organization, we pride ourselves on being able to examine and resolve even the most complex cases and are renowned for helping those who feel they have run out of options and require a second or final opinion.
Our practitioners work closely with other professionals in a multidisciplinary approach and have experience and expert knowledge in various specialty fields including: sport injuries, paediatrics, orthopaedics, arthopathy rheumatology, revolutionary laser treatment for fungal nails, shockwave therapy, ingrown toe nail and wart surgery, medico-legal reports, sports and occupational injuries, sports medicine, biomechanical gait analysis and orthotic prescription, general and diabetic foot care.

Various sports we specialise in are: