Full-Custom Orthotic Therapy

Full-custom made orthotics are specifically designed and manufactured for your feet, because no two pairs of feet are the same.

3D Scanner being used on PatientTo achieve this Digital 3D Scans are taken of your feet to ensure the orthotics are custom-made to the exact curvatures of your feet and a biomechanical assessment is performed by the Podiatrist to determine the alignment and function of the foot and its’ relationship with the rest of the body.

At The Foot & Ankle Clinic we proudly offer the latest advancement in Gait Analysis Technology and Digital Video Assessment so our Podiatrists can more accurately examine and provide feedback to patients about their walking pattern and foot function when prescribing orthotics.

With the video recorded gait analysis, biomechanical examinations and digital 3D foot scans our Podiatrists are able to prescribe more accurate, fully customised orthotics for ultimate comfort and pain relief. We use a variety of materials ranging from soft, cushioned devices to more rigid plastic and carbon fibre ones.

  • A Biomechanical Assessment is performed, including a Video Gait Analysis and 3D Foot Scan, which takes between 20 to 40 minutes.
  • The next appointment is an issue appointment 2-3 weeks later, where orthotics are measured and fitted to footwear.
  • A subsequent complimentary orthotic review appointment is available anytime within 3 months of your orthotics being issued if required.

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