Treadmill RunningPoorly aligned feet can cause pain not only in the feet but the ankles, hips and back. Podiatrists are health professionals skilled and trained to detect, demonstrate and correct poor foot and walking posture that lead to these problems.

Orthotic devices placed inside your shoes can help re-direct your feet into a more correct position, relieve painful symptoms and prevent future side-effects of standing, walking and running with poorly aligned feet and ankles. Although current footwear may accommodate the orthotics, a range of specialist footwear combining function, support ad comfort, to fit orthotics can also be found at The Foot & Ankle Clinic.

At The Foot & Ankle Clinic we offer 3 main types of Orthotic Therapy alternatives for your consideration.  Each alternative has various benefits and range in costs. Depending on the level of your cover and who you are insured with they can be claimable using your private health insurance 'ancillary cover'.


Why The Foot & Ankle Clinic's Orthotics Are Superior!

  1. EXPERIENCE: Established for over 20 years TFAAC has a proven track record and history of delivering and prescribing orthotics to clients with an unprecedented level of client satisfaction.
  2. COMFORT: TFAAC’s FULL CUSTOM DEVICES are individually, custom made and moulded to the shape and contour of your foot and to suit your condition using a range of materials specific to your needs and the activities that you perform on a daily basis.
  3. ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT OPTIONS: At TFAAC we offer an extensive choice of orthotic options that range in costs and vary in their manufacture techniques.  We provide you a choice so that you don’t necessarily feel that having a ’custom-made’ device is the only option available for you to consider. We also incorporate a range of other medical treatment interventions that may benefit you in recovering from your complaint or injury.
  4. FOLLOW-UP: as an organisation we ensure optimal customer satisfaction by incorporating complimentary follow-up consultations for up to 3 months following the issue and fit of your orthotics so that if or where there happens to be any concerns or problems you can be reassured that we will work with you to ensure a satisfactory outcome.
  5. QUALITY: TFAAC is aligned with a leading orthotic company to ensure all our devices are made from only the finest quality materials.
  6. REPRODUCTION: TFAAC retains your scans and data for several years so that we have all your clinical records on file as well as the ability to manufacture and reproduce your orthotics again in the future. This is typically at a considerably reduced cost.
  7. COMPLIMENTARY FOOTWEAR ADVICE:  At TFAAC we consider footwear to be a crucial aspect to complimenting orthotic therapy and ensuring optimal treatment outcomes. As an organisation we work closely with you to ensure you understand the impact that wearing orthotics will have on your footwear choices. Most of our clinics stock a wide range of footwear and our Podiatrists are willing to provide complimentary advice and education on the most suitable type of footwear for your needs.
  8. PRIVATE HEALTH REBATES: By comparison to other allied health providers, orthotics prescribed by Podiatrists are typically covered by most private health ancillary rebates. Therefore if you have extras cover with Podiatry you can claim a substantial rebate for the costs associated with your Orthotic Prescription.
  9. WORKCOVER, TAC, DVA, DEFENCE AUSTRALIA and STATE WIDE EQUIPMENT PROGRAM (SWEP) AFFILIATED: TFAAC is affiliated and works closely with these organisations so that if and where eligible we can assist you in accessing and being prescribed and supplied custom orthotics (along with Medical Grade Footwear) often without any out-of-pocket expense and with minimal inconvenience.
  10. SPECIAL ‘2-for-1’ OFFER: At TFAAC we recognise that there is no such thing as one pair of orthotics that ‘fits all’ so we exclusively and proudly offer clients the opportunity to have 2 pairs made for the price of one, which often means a more cushioned and flexible pair for sporting purposes and a less bulky, narrower pair for dress or work shoes. This also saves the inconvenience of moving your orthotic from shoe-to-shoe ensuring more regular, optimal wear and producing better outcomes.