General Foot Care

Looking After Your Feet

Your feet are like wheels on a car, if they are incorrectly aligned and left untreated, then other body parts will wear out unevenly and not function properly, leading to pain and injury.

Feet are the base support for our entire body; it is critical that professional care and attention is given to feet to ensure correct alignment and optimal functioning.

A Podiatrist is a health professional who deals with prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

Ten Tips for Healthy Feet

There are many things you can do to care for your feet. Follow our top ten tips to maintain healthy feet:

  1. Wear supportive footwear such as leather lace up shoes. The Foot & Ankle Clinic offers a range of specialist footwear, ask your Podiatrist which option is best for you.
  2. Avoid regularly going barefoot or wearing thongs as this puts unnecessary strain on your feet.
  3. Exercise regularly – walking is great and doesn’t cause excessive strain on joints and muscles.
  4. Regularly circle your feet or clench your toes when sitting down for extended periods of time to keep your feet active!
  5. Regularly check your feet for any changes or problems.
  6. Apply moisturiser after your feet are exposed to moisture. Focus on dry-skin prone areas such as the heels. See our range of foot care products and ask your Podiatrist for advice on the most suitable product for you.
  7. Visit your local Foot and Ankle Clinic regularly to ensure potential problems are identified early and healthy feet are maintained.
  8. Dry thoroughly between your toes. If you have trouble keeping this area dry, spray with methylated spirits to remove moisture.
  9. Avoid wearing tight, restrictive socks or hosiery as they reduce blood flow to your feet impairing circulation. Ask us about our range of health socks in both summer and winter styles.
  10. Always visit or ring your Podiatrist if you have any queries or problems, don’t put up with the pain!