Club Foot

Club Foot (Talipes Equino Varus)

This birth defect results in a shortening of the tendons on the inner side and rear of the foot, which causes the foot to be permanently twisted inward and upward. In about half the cases, both feet are affected. If left untreated, the affected person will eventually walk on the outer side of the affected foot or feet.


Clubfoot develops in the womb. The cause of the condition is not known exactly, but it may be caused by a genetic defect or a compression of the legs and feet that forces them to grow into an unnatural posture. In clubfoot, the foot appears twisted and can even look as if it’s upside down. Despite its appearance, clubfoot itself doesn’t cause any discomfort or pain.


Clubfoot can be successfully treated with a variety of devices and procedures. Treatment begins shortly after birth. In some cases, a combination of exercises, braces, splints, a series of casts, and orthopaedic shoes may provide the needed correction. In many cases, minor surgery may also be needed to release tendons of the foot or ankle to allow the foot to turn to the proper position.

TFAAC Podiatrists provide ongoing treatment with the use of orthotics, braces, footwear, exercises and footcare to assist with ongoing issue that may be a result of Clubfoot.

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