Children’s Footwear

Barefoot is acceptable in non-problematic feet and is advisable during early development, however footwear is required once prolonged weight bearing and walking begins.

Once at school, many children wear the same shoes 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, so it is essential to ensure shoes fit correctly to promote healthy development and prevent potential injuries. With style, fit, function, comfort and durability in mind, our friendly staff will help find or recommend the ideal shoe for your child.

Qualities to look for in a shoe include:Children in Adult Work Boots

  • Adequate length and width of a shoe (especially across the ball of the foot and toes)
  • A stiff sole, except at the ball of the foot where the shoes should provide adequate flexibility for the foot to bend
  • A good lace up or strap to hold the foot firmly in the shoe
  • Leather uppers help prevent excess moisture build up
  • A softer shoe may be advised in pigeon toed children as this lessens the severity of the condition
  • Avoid elastic sided boots as the elastic stretches after a short period and the boot loses the majority of its support and stability

At The Foot & Ankle Clinic we have a range of high quality children’s footwear. All staff have completed fitting courses and are experts in fitting shoes and orthotics. Visit us today for complimentary advice and information.