CAM “Fracture” WALKERS (aka “MOON BOOTS”)

A Controlled Ankle Motion (CAM) boot – aka ‘Moon Boot’ – is an orthopedic device prescribed for the treatment and stabilization of severe sprains, fractures, tendon or ligament tears in the ankle or foot.

Unlike plaster casts, CAM Boots are adjustable, reusable and completely removable. The CAM walker does not need special modifications for the patient to bear weight and walk.

CAM Boots range in height depending on the injury. High quality CAM boots contain adjustable and inflatable compartments for support and comfort. For further protection of the injured ankle and leg, some CAM walkers have a plastic shell that encloses the back and sides, with detachable plastic plates for the front.

These boots position and fix the ankle at 90 degrees, to help speed up the healing process. This degree is adjustable depending on the type of injuries.

CAM Walkers must be fitted by a trained health professional to ensure maximum effectiveness and to ensure safe and optimal recovery from injury. Having a CAM walker incorrectly fitted can lead to increased healing times or can increase the risk of further injury.

At TFAAC, we offer a personalized injury treatment plan and will select and fit your CAM Walker for you. For the best results, we select from a range and often prescribe Air (Pneumatic) CAM Walkers due to their superior properties; reducing the risk of complications like re-injury and deep vein thrombosis. A personalized rehabilitation program will be prescribed by your Podiatrist before your injury has healed to prevent re-injury.

For the duration of your injury, your Podiatrist will closely monitor your progress and may incorporate other treatments to encourage more effective healing. You may require an X-ray or MRI prior to re-examination to determine if the injury has healed before the boot is no longer required. This may involve the use of other less restrictive supports or braces.

In some cases to prevent lower back and hip problems from developing from uneven leg length while wearing your CAM Walker, our Podiatrists may prescribe or recommend an EVENUP device for your non effected limb.

Here are some injuries that we recommend wearing a CAM Walker:

  • Acute Ankle Sprain
  • Toe Fracture
  • Metatarsal Stress Fracture
  • Foot Fracture
  • Post Foot or Ankle Surgery
  • Post Bunion Surgery
  • Chronic Heel Pain