Blisters are a small pocket of fluid in the upper layers of skin caused by pulling and tugging on the skin from an external cause. This can be from your socks, shoes, moisture or even from ill-placed tape. Not only are blisters painful, but they can stop you from participating in the activities you love. There are 5 stages of Blistering as seen in the infographic below:


Strategies to combat persistent blisters:

  1. Proper fitting footwear
  2. Moisture wicking socks
  3. Custom Orthotics to correct foot posture
  4. Lubricants like Vaseline or 2Toms Powder
  5. Blister pads – stuck onto the shoe and NOT the foot
  6. Compeed Blister Patches for when the blister has been de-roofed ONLY
  7. Taping and padding
  8. Silicon toe sleeves and devices

How to pop a blister on your foot:

If you are going to pop a blister on your foot, make sure you are in a clean area and are using sterile equipment! If you are unsure, book in with your podiatrist today!

  1. Wash hands and foot
  2. Lance with a sterile scalpel in 2-3 places
  3. Apply Betadine and dress with a sterile Island Dressing (not the Salad dressing, a Band-Aid!)
  4. Offload the pressure to the area
  5. Book in with your podiatrist to help prevent the blisters from re-occurring

If you need help with blisters or just can’t seem to stop them occurring, book in at The Foot And Ankle Clinic today!

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