Now You Can Wear Thongs or Flip Flops & Still Support Your FEET!

Feet were designed to walk on soft, natural surfaces. By infusing supportive technology into a low-profile silhouette, Vionic have taken your go-to summer flip flop and made it better. Bring on the Beach. Now available at TFAAC from only $49.95.  Read more

FREE Foot Health Checks For Children During Foot Health Month

Dr. Aaron Bryce (Managing Director & Podiatrist)

The Foot & Ankle Clinic (TFAAC) are again proud to be embracing The Australasian Podiatry Council’s (APodC) Foot Health Month awareness initiative for October. TFAAC has been established since 1996 and are proud to offer over 50 years of podiatry experience between their team. As with most health care the earlier the intervention and treatment commences the better the chance of preventing long term complications so TFAAC is proud to once again offer parents the opportunity to take advantage of their annual FREE CHILD FOOT HEALTH PODIATRY CHECKS (normally $88.00) during October.  Read more

50% Off Initial Consultations During Foot Health Month

Dr. Aaron Bryce (Managing Director & Podiatrist)

The Foot & Ankle Clinic (TFAAC) are again proud to be embracing The Australasian Podiatry Council’s (APodC) Foot Health Month awareness initiative for October. With over 20 years Podiatry experience, TFAAC Managing Director and Senior Podiatrist, Dr Aaron Bryce, has always seen Foot Health Month as an important time to remind the community about the importance of proper Podiatry care. TFAAC is proud to offer 50% OFF INITIAL CONSULTATIONS (normally $88.00) during October.  Read more

TFAAC Opens it’s 11th Clinic In Sandringham

Dr. Aaron Bryce (Managing Director & Podiatrist)

The Foot & Ankle Clinic is excited to announce the opening of its 11th clinic located in the new, modern and stylish Sandy Hill Medical Clinic, Sandringham. Headed up by Podiatrist Dr. Heshan Amarasekera, our new Sandringham location will allow us to bring the comprehensive foot care solutions we offer to the Bayside area.  Read more


Renowned TFAAC Podiatrist returns from attending internationally recognised Injection Course

Dr. James Ferrie (Musculoskeletal and Sports Podiatrist)

I am pleased to say I have just returned from an amazing professional learning experience at the state of the art Interventional Orthopaedics Foundation in Colorado, USA where I attended an exclusive Level II “Foot and Ankle Orthobiologic Core Injection Course with doctors and surgeons from around the world.  Read more


5 Tips for the “Oxfam Trailwalker”

Dr. Lucy Gillivour (Podiatrist)

If you’re participating in the Oxfam Trailwalker this weekend, your feet are going to do over 125,000 steps over the 100km trail.  Read more

Podiatry & Gymnastics

Dr. Lucy Gillivour (Podiatrist)

Competitive gymnastics is one of the few sports that requires its athletes to perform barefoot and cope with the demands of jumping, landing and springing on different apparatuses. Your poor feet and legs will sure take a beating through your training sessions; tumbling connections and hard dismounts can cause 10-14 times your body weight of force through your feet.  Read more

Hoka One One – Maximalist Shoes

Dr. Melissa Jones (Podiatrist)

A few years ago it was all the rage to wear minimalist shoes, footwear that did not involve much cushioning or support and was supposed to make your feet, ankles and legs stronger. The last five years have seen the rise of the Hoka One One maximalist shoes, footwear that is constructed with maximal cushioning and minimal weight incorporating a rocker midsole to further enhance your running gait.  Read more

Spenco Insoles

Dr. Aaron Bryce (Managing Director & Podiatrist)

The Foot & Ankle Clinic is excited to introduce Spenco Comfort Insoles and Orthotics.

Specially sourced and exclusively available now from only $39.00 @ TFAAC (no Podiatry Consultation necessary) Providing great support and cushioning especially in dress/court and cycling shoes, joggers, footy, soccer and safety boots!  Read more

Why The Foot & Ankle Clinic’s Orthotics Are Superior!

Dr. Aaron Bryce (Managing Director & Podiatrist)

Here are 10 reasons why The Foot & Ankle Clinic’s orthotics are superior!  Read more

Pokemon GO – I Choose You!

Dr. Lucy Gillivour (Podiatrist)

Pokemon GoGood ‘Eevee’-ning, It’s Dr. Lucy Gillivour, blogging again! Wondered why I’ve been absent with my blog posts?

It’s because I’ve been spending my spare time walking around my lovely town of Traralgon catching Pokemon! Sounds ‘Farfetch’d’ right?

“What?” I hear you say, “Pokemon is a game!” and you’d be right, it is a game. Niantec – The Pokemon company – have recently released a new app called Pokemon Go!   Read more

Warragul welcomes Dr. Rebecca Ireland

Dr. Aaron Bryce (Managing Director & Podiatrist)

The Foot & Ankle Clinic Warragul would like to welcome Dr. Rebecca Ireland to their team. Dr. Ireland grew up in Melbourne and has a Degree in Health Science from Monash University and a Bachelor of Health Sciences/Master of Podiatric Practice from La Trobe University.

Rebecca loves keeping active whether through team sports such as netball, rowing and calisthenics or more recently through regular yoga, swimming or traipsing around her parent’s farm.   Read more

Everything works best when it’s in the right place!

Dr. Lucy Gillivour (Podiatrist)Foot Mobilisation

Hi everyone, it’s Dr. Lucy Gillivour blogging again. I’ve spent my weekend learning a new and exciting treatment that’s going to benefit almost every one of my clients (and future clients of course). This is a treatment that ONLY 2.9% of Australia’s podiatrists are professionally trained in, by celebrity podiatrist and extraordinaire – Ted Jedynak.

I’ve just spent 3 days learning Foot Mobilisation Therapies (FMT), having my feet mobilised, manipulated and adjusted and I feel fabulous!  Read more

My Blog About Feet! featuring ROCKTAPE!

Dr. Lucy Gillivour (Podiatrist)

RocktapeIt’s Dr. Lucy here! Ready for my blog post all about feet?

Don’t worry, I won’t just talk about feet! Podiatrists do so much more than cut toenails and prescribe orthotics. In fact, you’d be surprised how many different conditions podiatrists treat! If it involves the lower limb – muscles, nerves, arteries, bones, ligaments, skin, nails, joints or systemic diseases – we treat it!  Read more

TFAAC announce partnership with AFL Gippsland

Dr. Aaron Bryce (Managing Director & Podiatrist)AFL Gippsland Travis Switzer, TFAAC Dr. Aaron Bryce

The Foot & Ankle Clinic is excited to be working with AFL Gippsland to bring members of the Gippsland Football community better, affordable foot and ankle care as well as preferred access and ongoing education to its members.

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with a professional sporting body such as AFL Gippsland and join with them in providing convenient access to Podiatry care throughout our Gippsland Practices.”

Read more

2016 Foot & Ankle Sports Injury and Kinesiology Strapping Workshop

Dr. Lucy Gillivour (Podiatrist)

The Foot & Ankle Clinic is excited to announce it will once again be hosting the “2016 Foot & Ankle Sports Injury and Kinesiology Strapping Workshop”. This year the workshop is set to take place on Wednesday 20th April from 6.30pm @ Traralgon RSL.  Read more

Can Dry Needling Help You?

Dr. Riley Irving (Podiatrist)

Dry Needling FootDry needling is a procedure used to treat trigger points in muscles. Trigger points are tight “knots” in a muscle that can be painful and reduce the function of a muscle. Certain trigger points can have a referred pain and correlation with areas in the foot.

An extremely thin needle is used to penetrates through the skin to reach these trigger points and “release” the knot, which can essentially reduce symptoms and increase muscle function.   Read more

 Dr Aaron Bryce (TFAAC Managing Director), Phil Thompson (Central Clinic Practice Manager) & Dr Thomas Lambert (TFAAC Podiatrist) outside at Central Clinic Warragul

New Clinic Now Open in Warragul

Dr. Thomas Lambert (Podiatrist)

The Foot and Ankle Clinic (TFAAC) is excited to announce the opening of our NEW Warragul Clinic.

Having originally been established in 1994 (formerly known as Gippsland Foot Clinic), TFAAC has expanded to offer Podiatry services in clinics located throughout Gippsland and in eastern metropolitan Melbourne and is now renowned for offering the latest and most clinically advanced Podiatry treatments available.   Read more

Keeping your feet healthy during Summer

Dr. Julia Madigan (Podiatrist)

During the summer time the feet can often be neglected and can also be exposed to a greater amount of potentially hazardous environments if not taken care of properly. Follow these simple tips to keep your feet healthy during the hotter months:   Read more

Platelet Rich Plasma – Providing hope for patients suffering chronic plantar fasciitis

Dr. James Ferrie (Musculoskeletal and Sports Podiatrist)heel spur

Plantar fasciitis is debilitating and often frustrating condition of the heel, which affects approximately 10% of the population at some stage.

The plantar fascia is a form of ligament, which inserts into the base of the heel and extends to all the toes. It is a vital structure of the foot, which aids in maintaining the arch and transferring weight from the hind-foot to the forefoot during walking and running. Plantar fasciitis is a repetitive overuse condition, which results in a degenerative change of the plantar fascia at its insertion into the heel bone.   Read more

Suffering from a Musculoskeletal Condition?

Dr. Heshan Amarasekera (Podiatrist)

Are you suffering from a Musculoskeletal Condition?

The Foot & Ankle Clinic continues to embrace the latest treatment therapies available and is now proud to offer the latest clinical advancements in Tissue Regeneration Therapy (TRT).   Read more