Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) & Podiatry

All Foot And Ankle Clinic Podiatrists are registered to provide podiatry services to Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Card holders and all our subsequent services are entirely bulk billed.

If you are a DVA Card holder, you will typically require a referral from your General Practitioner (GP) in order to access Podiatry. Some podiatry services also require prior approval from DVA in order to be funded under this system, and there are specific restrictions that apply in certain circumstances such as Medical Grade Footwear eligibility. However, in general:

  • if you are a DVA Gold Card holder, DVA will fund podiatry services that are clinically needed;
  • if you are a DVA White Card holder, DVA will fund podiatry services if required because of an accepted war caused or service related condition.

For more specific information about podiatry services available through DVA, you may wish to access further published information by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs via the following link:

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